Every brand has a story to tell.

1947774_10152008843027991_369848052_nWhat’s your story?

Some companies tell themselves that there’s no compelling story either because their product or service is a commodity, or because their company is young with little history. Many companies are stifled by the quest for unique and relevant content that will stand out in an internet world fraught with noise and the seemingly endless digital echo chamber that gets louder every day.

How does a brand connect with its customers in a way that draws quality, relevant engagement without looking desperate or spammy? What is the best story to tell so that you increase the consumption of the content you are putting out? Most companies are confused because they are stuck in the traditional marketing approach and don’t realize that their most compelling story is actually not about them at all.

Fortunately, the answer is easy.

All you need is customers. If you have those, you have all the content you need.

Today, a brand’s story is an amalgamation of all of its customers’ ongoing stories, big and small. Stories come in the form of blog posts, web sites, mobile apps, videos, short films, email campaigns, one-off event landing pages, onsite customer activations and more.

The much discussed and often deplored content challenge of social media is only an issue for brands that aren’t truly engaged with and connected to their customers first hand. If you pay close attention, all the content you’ll ever need is right there in front of you in the form of a paying customer.

Every BRAND has a story because every brand’s CUSTOMER has a story.

Let me show you how.

Now that we are on the same page, isn’t it time for a fresh approach?

With a solid 7+ years in social media and 15+ years working in online marketing, PR and web development, I understand how to connect the dots between brand goals, marketing/PR strategy, web/social analytics, KPI measurability and calculated risk to reward when trying something new. I’m keenly aware of, and value greatly, the ongoing needs of online communities, their insatiable desires for entertaining content, and how to bring the two together to strengthen customer loyalty. By leveraging the customer story you can rise above the fodder, moving away from an archaic internet marketing methodology.

Let’s talk! Check out my resume or click on the LinkedIn widget below for more information.

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